11 Level Garage provides the most generous parking ratio in downtown Cincinnati. Queen City Square’s incomparable parking features include:

  • Over 2,250 parking spaces
  • Four entrance/exit points (one on each of the four surrounding streets) on three different garage levels minimize congestion. The numerous access points nearly eliminate congestion delays – and resulting frustration – and allow drivers to proceed in the optimal direction faster
  • AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) technology speeds traffic into and out of the garage. This electronic identification feature enables regular parkers to enter and exit the garage without the need to insert an access card or code
  • With approximately half of the spaces below grade and the other half above, parking patrons drive fewer ramps
  • Multiple garage elevator banks (each with its own building entry location) minimize walking distances within the garage
  • Dedicated visitor parking facilitates use of the garage by customers and clients
  • Bicycle racks and showers/changing rooms encourage alternate forms of transportation and lessens demand on garage
  • Open air parking, as well as enclosed, provides parking options
  • Electric vehicle charging stations available to contracted monthly parkers

In addition, more cost-effective parking options are located within a short walk of Queen City Square.

For Monthly Parking Contact

QCS Garage Manager (ABM Parking Services)
340 Sycamore Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202