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Great American Tower

Great American Tower at Queen City Square, completed in 2011, has become the pinnacle of downtown Cincinnati. Rising 41 stories at the forefront of the business district, the 800,000 square feet LEED Gold tower is the region’s tallest structure and downtown’s largest and most prestigious office building. Topped by its signature tiara, Great American Tower at Queen City Square offers a unique stellar design that is widely recognized throughout the world.

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About the Building

Great American Tower at Queen City Square is a state-of-the-art 41-story office tower located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati's business district. Surrounded primarily by Cincinnati landmarks, its location virtually assures unobstructed views far into the future. Few, if any, downtown buildings provide such spectacular views in all directions – even from lower levels.
Certified as LEED Gold (Core & Shell), Great American Tower is downtown Cincinnati's first and only major office building designed and built under LEED guidelines, the industry standard for "green" buildings. This premier building opened to its first tenants on the memorable day of 01/11/11.

The over 800,000 square foot building provides highly-efficient floorplates ranging from 21,000-26,000 square feet on its 33 office floors. The column-free floors, extra-high 9’6” ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, ideal core-to-glass dimensions and 8 corner offices per floor offer unmatched opportunities for space efficient “first generation” office interiors.

Advanced HVAC and energy management systems are a key component of the “green” design of Great American Tower at Queen City Square. These systems, together with the extensive natural lighting, ensure a cost-effective, highly comfortable and healthy work environment for building occupants. A spacious and dramatic promenade leads from the prominent rotunda entrance at Fourth & Sycamore to the elegant main lobby and its nineteen richly appointed office elevators, as well as to the adjunct lobby on the Third Street level. Within and next to the promenade and lobbies are retail and dining amenities to enhance the workday experience and fulfill occupant needs.

Abundant on-site parking for employees and visitors is provided in the adjoining 2,250+ space, 11-level Queen City Square Garage that benefits greatly from its four entry/exit points on three different levels. AVI high-tech parking controls simplify and speed travel into and out of the parking facility. 

With its world-class design, environmental sensitivity, modern technologies and systems, and outstanding image, prominence and views, Great American Tower at Queen City Square has transformed the definition of a Class A office building. 


Queen City Square is located in the heart of Cincinnati’s business district and has a striking presence on the downtown skyline. It benefits from excellent traffic access, with vehicular entrances on four primary streets. Further, its close proximity to major corporations, business clubs, restaurants, downtown living options and treasured green spaces enhance the premier location.


Downtown Cincinnati’s Most Environmentally Sensitive Building

LEED Gold - Great American Tower at Queen City Square is downtown Cincinnati's first and largest "Green" office tower, utilizing numerous environmentally responsible design choices, construction practices and development decisions. The project has been certified as Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council under the acclaimed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, specifically the LEED-Core and Shell (LEED-CS®) certification. The Core and Shell rating evaluates the entire project except for the interior spaces of tenants.

Environmentally sensitive “green” design and LEED certification provide a wide range of advantages to building occupants as well as to the general community. Great American Tower at Queen City Square is proud to lead downtown Cincinnati on this important and highly beneficial trend in building design and construction. Following is a key summary of the environmentally responsible elements of the project.

Sustainability for the Future - Responsible Practices Today Will Lead to More Enjoyable Communities in the Future

  • Sourcing locally manufactured construction materials decreased unnecessary transportation emissions and supported local businesses
  • Bike racks and shower facilities are provided to encourage the reduction of carbon-emissions
  • Usage of recycled content materials reduced the burden on local landfills and saved natural resources
  • Demolition of the pre-existing, 10-story parking garage included creative solutions to recycle over 90% of the structural steel and concrete
  • A comprehensive recycling program for building tenants has been created to decrease waste and facilitate participation
  • Ample, enclosed parking decreases the heat island effect on the environment, resulting in greenhouse gas reduction
  • Carbon-friendly, central location provides decreased drive times, and is easily accessed along a public transportation route
  • High-density, urban redevelopment provided a more valuable use to a highly visible site

Saving More Green - Decreasing Natural Resource Consumption Lowers Tenant Operating Expenses

  • A 14% reduction in energy usage has been obtained through energy modeling of the high-efficiency tuned façade and curtain wall system
  • Innovative techniques capture wasted energy from the HVAC system and reuse it to heat and cool the building
  • A 30% reduction in water usage has been obtained through the use of high-efficiency faucets and urinals, and high/low flush toilets
  • Submetering of on-floor electric consumption facilitates more prudent use of utilities by tenants, thereby lowering usage and costs.
  • Solar-reflective roofing materials reduce air conditioning costs and peak energy demands
  • Carbon monoxide monitors for garage ventilation fans accurately regulate operation and energy usage

Working Better - Environmental Responsibility Increases Employee Health, Happiness, and Productivity

  • Healthier indoor air quality is obtained through MERV 13 filtration
  • Low volatile-organic-compound (VOC) emitting building materials reduce occupant exposure to airborne toxins
  • The building's energy management system constantly regulates fresh air provisions
  • High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows maximize daylight and occupant satisfaction, while providing outstanding views in all directions
  • Reduced air contamination from maintenance chemical fumes is achieved via negative pressurization, exhaust ducts, and physical separation
  • Walk-off mats are used to reduce building contamination at occupant entrances
  • Maintenance staff are trained in green housekeeping products and techniques to create a more healthy workplace

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Floor Plan

Elegant and Intelligently Designed Buildings

  • Efficient floor plates with large column-free spans
  • Desirable core-to-glass dimensions and 5 foot window mullion spacing
  • Typical floor size of 25,000± square feet
  • Service Vestibule enables maintenance technicians to access mechanical and electrical rooms without entering tenant premises

Current Tenants

fort washington investment advisors
frost brown todd
great american financial resources
great american insurance group
ifs financial services
insight global
lafayette life insurance company

Leasing Contact

Office Leasing

Scott Abernethy 
Cushman & Wakefield
201 East Fourth St., Suite 1800
Cincinnati, OH 45202 

Property Management Office

Queen City Square Property Management
Eagle Realty Group
301 East Fourth Street, Suite 3410 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202